Driving Lessons

Learn to drive safely in East Kilbride with us. Call 01355-887526 We have experienced and patient driving instructors.

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Driving Lessons

If you are in East Kilbride or anywhere around or near East Kilbride looking for driving lessons we can help. We have very friendly driving instructors that will teach you in a calm and safe manner. Call us today on 01355-887526

Refresher Driving Course East Kilbride

We understand that sometimes life does not always flow. Just because you have passed your driving test does not mean you will immediately get a brand spanking new car to drive around town. So if you have had "time off" driving and need refresher driving lessons call us today.

Cost Of Driving Lessons in East Kilbride

Driving or learning to drive can be expensive but dont let that deter you. We have very competitive rates and even better rates for block booking your driving lessons. So call us today.

Driving Lesson Features

Starting off

Getting in a car or vehicle and trying to drive off for the first time can be unnerving to say the least. Our experienced instructors will calmly teach you all the basics until you get it right and comfortable.

Changing Gears

We will teach you to change gears from a standing start to travelling and changing gears down when you slow down or come to a halt. Whether that is a moment's pause at a traffic light, stop sign or give way sign and to come to a complete stop and engaging your handbrake.

Road Safety

It goes without saying that Road Safety is of paramount importance. We will teach you about all the road signs, what they mean and how to observe them. All the while ensuring the safety of yourself, your car and other road users be they vehicles or people and pets.


A lot of people have inbuilt concerns and anxiety when it comes to reversing a car. This is usually because everything is ... well... reversed and this maybe confusing at first. Do not worry we will get you good at reversing in no time at all.


We calmly guide you the process of parking. We will teach you parallel parking, getting in and out of parking bays so you can build the confidence you need to paerk at will and to park safely.

Observing Road Signs

Road Signs tell us all how to behave on our roads. They keep us all informed and safe so you and other drivers can drive and behave in an orderly and predictable manner. We will get you good at reading and observing road signs.

Defensive Driving

When all the basics of driving are safely and truly within you we can get you into some defensive driving techniques. This is where you may feel like you "driving for other drivers" a little bit. Defensive driving can teach you see and predict vehilce behaviour and be able to safely get out of danger if possible. Your instructer will go through this with you in detail when the time comes.

Dealing With Road Rage

Sometimes you may run into some impatient and down right rude drivers. Unfortunately this happens from time to time. While noone can know for sure how roda rage incidents can end. We will go over best practices to make sure road rage situations do not escalate into uncontrollable situations.

Road Accident Procedures

Unfortunately accidents can and do happen. We wil go over proper procedures from reporting accidents, exchanging details with other drivers for insurance purposes and generally how to behave while at the scene of an accident.


About East Kilbride

We know all the quiet places to teach you to drive before taking you onto the major highways and motorways so call us now. Learn to drive forwards, reversing, parallel parking, inline parking, oblique parking , night driving, snow driving, raod accident procedures and more.

The town of East Kilbride stands some eight miles south east of the centre of Glasgow. It is separated from the Glasgow conurbation by a mile and a half wide strip of green belt land that, to date at least, has successfully preserved the town's distinctness: and while its proximity to Scotland's largest city has allowed it to serve as a dormitory, it is also a significant commercial and industrial centre in its own right.

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